Work In Progress

  • “A Clean Air Story”

  • “Social Network Formation with Consent: Nash Equilibria and Pairwise Refinements” (with Robert Gilles and Subhadip Chakrabarti)

  • “Idle Child: The Household’s Buffer” (with P Maitra and B Panda)

  • “Games with Reference Payoffs”

  • “Experimenting with Traffic Flows” (with Laura Razzolini)

  • “Economics of the Video Rental Industry” (with Chiara Gratton-Lavoie)

  • “Do Consumer Networks Matter for Low Price Guarantees?” (with S. Bhowmick)

  • “Unequal Connections with Unequal Agents”

  • “A Complete Analysis of Motivations for Giving in Dictator Games.” (with E. Feess, L. Razzolini, and C. Schumacher)